A Military Funeral is the final rendering of honours to a person who has served his/her country. 

A serving member of the Defence Forces is afforded these honours by the State. A veteran who has served 21 years is entitled to a Bearer Party and a National Flag to drape the coffin. The Defence Forces is made up of the following services, the Army, the Air Corps, the Navy and the Reserve.

PKearns Funeral Directors have added the service of Military funerals for Veterans of the Defence Forces with varying years of service.

A PKearns Military Funeral will include a flag draped coffin, a Piper to lead the cort├Ęge and a graveside ceremony, with a Bugler to render musical salutes including the Last Post and Reveille, a half masted Tricolour flag on a temporary flagpole which is presented to the family and a 21 dove salute. This service will cater for all aspects of a dignified ceremony within the best tradition of the Defence Forces. 

All aspects of the funeral are taken care of, leaving families with nothing to worry about.

PKearns Funeral Directors are experienced in military funerals for veterans, we strife to provide a military funeral service which family members feel there loved ones deserve. 

This service caters for Defence Force and International Veterans who have served at home and overseas.

The service is provided throughout Ireland.

The following soldiers poem is read at the funeral mass after communion and before the family address.

A Soldier

I was one of those that other's

Did not dare to be,

I went where others feared to go,

I did what others failed to do,

I asked nothing from those who gave nothing

And reluctantly, accepted the thought of

eternal loneliness..... Should I fail.

I have seen the face of terror,

felt the sting of fear,

And enjoyed the sweet taste of a moment's


I have cried, pained and hoped. 

But most of all, I have lived times that others would say are best forgotten,

At least now today, I am able to say,

That I am proud of what I was.....

 A Soldier