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caskets are manufactured in America from the best available materials and are known worldwide for their design and quality.

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Urns & Ash Jewelery

Brass Urns

Our brass urns for ashes are a very popular choice because of their unique designs and the durability of the finished urn. Made up of copper and zinc this material is relatively easy to work with, making brass urns a popular and affordable option for many people. The traditional brass urns have a lid that screws tight keeping the conte

Sizes of Urns

  3.50L  *  28cm  *  2.20kg

  0.06L *  7cm  *  0.18kg

Wooden Urns

Our wood cremation urns are made of woods such as oak, mahogany, pine and MDF oak and mahogany which are typically classified as hardwoods due to their toughness, the softer wood urns are made of pine. You’ll also find the economical MDF wood urn. MDF is a engineered wood product made by combining wood fibres with a resin binder, our MDF cremation urns are wood veneered MDF. The veneers are real wood and are beautifully finished.


Stainless Steel Pendants

Ashes Pendants lets you keep loved one close to your heart and thoughts forever. Cherish your loved one with these unique Ashes jewellery pendants which are available in a multitude of styles and designs. They are designed from stainless steel comes with a matching chain. Each piece comes with a presentation box.